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"I was impressed that Leapfin did exactly what it claimed it would. It gives us so much more visibility over our GAAP numbers."

Damien Singh

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CFO, Canva

For enterprise B2B businesses with low volume but complex contracts that require customization

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Zuora RevPro

You need to alter your IT infrastructure and data formatting to conform to Zuora’s CSV data upload format.

Lack of true integrations. “Integrations” rely on CSV uploads to import transactions, costs, etc. from PSPs. CSV files are limited to <60k lines.

You need to change the way you do business to work with Zuora RevPro.


Flexible and adapts to the way you do your business

For high growth businesses with high transaction volume & revenue complexity. We work best with e-commerce, subscriptions, and companies with thousands to millions of transactions a month.

Leapfin conforms to your data and will work with your team to resolve data integrity problems.

Seamlessly API-integrations with PSPs, billing, ERPs, and any homegrown systems

Cash reconciliation and transaction matching not available

Zuora has an outdated and clunky UI with a large learning curve.

Lack of support from Zuora will drag out implementation and leave you hanging.

Easy order-to-cash reconciliation and transaction matching fully automated within Leapfin

Leapfin is as easy to use as a “fully automated Excel spreadsheet”

Our top company value is “obsess with our customers’ success”. If you encounter any issues, our dedicated Customer Support team is just one Slack message away.

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