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Journal entries are to accountants as burgers are to Man vs. Food.

They are the foundation of your financial statements but they’re far from easy, especially for high growth companies with massive transaction volume. Post-close adjustments, using estimates to calculate journal entries, and relying on summary-level reports from payment processors are just a few problems that keep accountants up at night. How do you make sure you book accurate journal entries?

Download now for an intimate conversation with Aynsley Moffitt, Leapfin’s first Product Manager, to learn how Leapfin automates journal entries for revenue recognition and from order to cash. This detailed product demo will give you insight into how Leapfin makes your job easier with automated transaction-level journal entries, so you can spend more time on value-add projects. Also take a sneak peek into Leapfin History, where we keep a detailed audit trail of all changes in Leapfin so no change goes undetected.

Attend to learn how Leapfin can:

-Automatically generate transaction-level journal entries for revenue recognition and from order to cash

-Summarize line-item journal entries into monthly waterfall reports that align with your general ledger chart of accounts

-Manage multi-currency so you can easily convert currency amounts and track FX gains & losses to ensure you are booking the most accurate journal entries at month-end

-Track both schedule and data changes so you can see which account/amount/date was impacted

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Uncover Your Transaction-Level Journal Entries with our Leapfin Audit Trail

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Duration: 29 Minutes