Meet the Speakers

Jason Berwanger
Chief Architect @ Leapfin 

ex-Finance Systems @ Root

Matt Sokol
Data Engineer 
ex-Data Engineering @ Root

Jason Berwanger is the Chief Architect at Leapfin. Prior to Leapfin, he founded the Finance Systems organization at Root Insurance and served as the VP, Finance and Data at Huckleberry. He's a proud alumni of the Ohio State University.

Matt Sokol is a Data Engineer. His past experience includes leading development of a foundational  data warehouse in Snowflake at Lower and building the REST API  integration  to automate the creation and posting of journal entries into Netsuite at Root Insurance.

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Watch to learn:

✅  How to demystify integrating your operational data with your ledger using Netsuite APIs. 

✅  A real world example of how organizations designed a daily financial build to integrate with Netsuite.

✅ The pros and cons of a platform vs. building a structure to ledgerize financial data

NetSuite Integrations for High Transaction Volume Businesses

Netsuite - can’t live with it, can’t do your job without it. How you manage the architecture of your daily financial build and Netsuite integration defines how your team delivers reporting to key stakeholders.

Join us on Tuesday, February 21st for a webinar on how high transaction volume companies can design a finance data architecture that streamlines the data pipeline for finance and accounting.

Matt Sokol (Data Engineer @ Lower, ex-Root Insurance) and Jason Berwanger (Chief Architect @ Leapfin, founded Finance Systems team @ Root, ex-VP of Finance and Data @ Huckleberry) will discuss the process of building an internal platform and its technical and business outcomes. Stay until the end to get your questions answered during our live Q&A!