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Going public is an enormous undertaking full of unknowns along the way. 

Amongst the many questions, financial systems, controls, and people are top of mind especially for high growth late-stage companies. What is your system footprint? Do you have predictable and repeatable financial reporting processes and controls? Do you have expertise in your team to support the IPO process?. 

As a company goes IPO or SPAC, many finance teams are experiencing back-office obstacles with their data. By utilizing a subledger like Leapfin, (as Vimeo does) teams are able to become IPO/SPAC ready. 

How could a subledger help streamline your finance operations?

Download to learn how you can:

✅  Understand when you are actually ready to go public

✅  Build repeatable financial reporting procedures and internal controls

✅  Design and scale the ideal finance tech stack to streamline your IPO

✅  Evaluate the pros and cons of IPO, SPAC, and direct listing

✅  Manage your risk assessment and what to prioritize 

Get Ready to Go Public

IPO-Readiness Considerations: Financial Systems, Controls, People

Available on Demand

AMA with Jonathan Chadwick and Raymond Lau

Speaker Bios:

Jonathan Chadwick (Former CFO @ VMware; Current Board Member/Audit Committee Chair @ Zoom, ServiceNow, and Elastic)

Jonathan was formerly the CFO at VMware, Skype, McAfee, and Cisco. He has extensive background in IPO-readiness, mergers and acquisitions, strategy, operational, and financial management. Jonathan currently serves on the Board of Directors as the Audit Committee Chair at Zoom, ServiceNow, Elastic, and Stripe. Jonathan also currently advises various late stage companies as they prepare for their paths to IPO.

Raymond Lau (Former Director of Finance Operations @ Zynga; Current CEO @ Leapfin)

Ray is the CEO and Co-Founder of Leapfin, the #1 Finance Operations Automation Platform. Prior to Leapfin, Ray was the Director of Finance Operations at Zynga where he managed revenue reporting and financial planning. Most of the inspiration for Leapfin came from Ray’s experience at Zynga (think: everything in Excel, files so large they took 20+ minutes to open). Prior to Zynga, Ray was the founder & CEO of PlayHaven, a leading mobile advertising network serving over 250M users.

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