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If you like the sound of: 

  Fully automated, accurate revenue accounting with real-time transaction data

  Fully automated revenue recognition

 Complete visibility into the entire journey of every transaction across your business

 Audit-proof, accurate revenue ledger and journal entries that trace back to the original transaction source

You've come to the right place. Explore the future of revenue accounting software. 


See the Power of Leapfin in Action

See the Power of Leapfin in Action

Join the leading high transaction volume businesses automating revenue accounting with Leapfin

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Proven results, essential to your bottom line

90% reduction  

in the time it takes to close

Unify transactions across multiple systems, automatically apply consistent, ASC-606 and IRS compliant revenue rules, and continuously recognize revenues with just a few clicks.

50% reduction  

in audit times and costs

Trace transactions through their lifecycle and drill down from aggregated subledger values into the source data. Hand the keys over to your auditors without extra costs, time, or fear of misstatement.

80% reduction  

in manual reporting hours

Prepare for increased growth with an end-to-end platform that eliminates manual Excel manipulation, data pulls and uploads, and messy mistakes. View real-time transaction data and revenue data as frequently as your business demands.

Welcome to the future of revenue accounting


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“I was impressed that Leapfin did exactly what claimed it would. It gives us so much more visibility over our GAAP numbers.”

Damien Singh


Damien Singh

CFO, Canva

“We're a high transaction volume marketplace with multiple PSPs and complex datasets. Leapfin is integral to our ability to scale.”

Joe Blanchett


Joe Blanchett

Sr Product Manager, SeatGeek

“We could not drill in deep enough to see individual transactions. Now we go into Leapfin to look at the detail level.”

Emily Eagon


Emily Eagon

Controller, Medium

Explore the future of automated revenue accounting