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Finance systems teams at IPO-bound companies inevitably need to evaluate building or buying a unified financial backend system. While building an internal finance system can seem simple at first, what are the considerations you must evaluate to ensure the project is future-proof and successful?

Join Joe Blanchett (Sr. Product Manager, Finance Systems @ SeatGeek) for a tactical session on how to think about your finance systems strategy. Joe will walk through SeatGeek’s considerations for Build vs. Buy as well as discuss why your finance tech stack is a key component of your company’s growth strategy. 

You will learn:

✅  What should be on the Build vs Buy evaluation scorecard for financial systems.

✅  How companies with high transaction volume can implement a revenue subledger to resolve scalability issues.

✅  The 4 components of your unified financial backend system: integrations management, data management, business logic & reporting, and forecasting & budgeting. 

A Must Watch!

Finance Systems Build vs Buy:

On Demand
Duration: 1 hour

Joe Blanchett, Product Manager of Finance Systems @ SeatGeek

Joe Blanchett is a finance transformation and automation leader. As the Senior Product Manager of Finance Systems at SeatGeek, Joe is helping prepare the company for IPO and building the next generation of financial products. Prior to SeatGeek, Joe spent four years as a NetSuite consultant, where he gained expertise in the technical aspects of NetSuite capabilities and limitations. Joe is a recent transplant to New York City and a proud alumni of the University of Michigan.

Speaker Bio:

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