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How Canva's CFO increased accuracy of revenue reporting


"Canva better-tracked refunds, trends, new revenue streams, and month-to-month movements through Leapfin."

Canva’s rapid growth had their finance team playing catch-up.

Enormous transaction volume, growing business complexity, and siloed financial data made it difficult for finance to accurately report revenue numbers. Damien Singh (CFO @ Canva) knew that their revenue recognition process needed to scale to support Canva’s rapid growth.

Download the case study to learn how Leapfin helped Canva increase the accuracy of revenue reporting and eliminate reliance on estimates.

- Damien Singh, CFO @ Canva


Key Takeaways: 

✅  Revenue did not need to be adjusted after month-end because it was already accurate

✅  Simple searches in Leapfin make it easy to track things like refunds, revenue stream trends, and month-to-month movements

✅  Canva has access to transaction-level data from Apple, Google Play, and other payment processors in a normalized format