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Ask any of your colleagues in Finance, Accounting, or Systems about your current reporting process and they'll probably tell you, "it is what it is." 

But when your business (and Board) is using your reported numbers to drive forward-looking changes to operations to move the business in the right direction, you shouldn't settle for process that is anything less than perfect. 

Enter in a Finance Data Platform - the tool you never knew that you needed - to transform your operational data into usable finance data. 

But what really is a Finance Data Platform? 

How do you know if (when) you’ve reached the point where you need one?

And how do you evaluate the options to choose one that’s appropriate for your business? 

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The Buyer’s Guide to Finance Data Platforms for Subscription Companies

Turning operational data into finance data...

What, like it's hard? 

Learn why top subscription companies leverage Finance Data Platforms in this free e-book: The Buyer's Guide to Finance Data Platforms for subscription companies. 

What a finance data platform is and when your team should consider bringing one on.  

You'll learn:

The unique benefits of a finance data platform for Controllers, Finance, CFOs, & Business Systems.

4 common challenges subscription companies face with their finance data as they grow.

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